Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Try PickMe while you wait for Uber.

Few weeks ago I saw a tweet from someone (I don't remember who) about an Uber-ish service in Sri Lanka called PickMe. I went to PlayStore and installed the app, got registered checked the app out and closed it. I wanted to try their service but I didn't need any ride for several days so I totally forgot the app.

Today I wanted to hire a tuk-tuk and suddenly PickMe came into my mind. My experience with PickMe went like this.

I opened the app, set my pickup location and ordered a tuk-tuk. You have the option to  order a nano taxi or a car instead. (The image below is captured after the journey for demonstration, so this was not the original pickup location)

Within few seconds my order was confirmed and a the assigned tuk-tuk's owner information was displayed. And the tuk-tuk's location was displayed on the map near-realtime; that was awesome!

After another few seconds the driver, Samantha called me and asked for my location again, which I think is an unnecessary step. But it is totally ok as the service still is in beta.

When Samantha arrived to my location I got an SMS update saying the taxi has arrived.

Again Samantha called me to tell me that he has arrived and ready to pick me up. (Another unnecessary step).

The rest of the journey was a regular tuk-tuk ride we do everyday. But Samantha had a nice unit on his tuk-tuk, probably a phone, showing my pickup location on a Google Map and the live location of the tuk.

The whole journey was 6.4 kilometers and the charge was Rs 270.00. The charge was very reasonable and cheaper than other tuk-tuk services.

Finally I got a confirmation SMS and that was the end of my 1st PickMe journey.

I was very satisfied with the overall service and will definitely use PickMe again :)

Go try PickMe and comment your experience below.

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